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Meet Claudia

The MapsTell Navigator and empowerment enthusiast.

Claudia is based in the Netherlands and is a regular visitor to your beautiful country. She will be joining Warren on his journey as the Mapstell Ambassador in South Africa.

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Her Story

With 20 years of dedicated service in the Netherlands Police force, Claudia began in surveillance and gradually honed her expertise across various specialties within law enforcement.

Her journey has been one of continuous learning and growth.


Since then, Claudia’s illustrious career has taken her through diverse roles across multiple sectors within predominantly Dutch organizations. As an interim Team Leader, a Senior HR Advisor, and an HR subject expert in mobility and outplacement, she has had the privilege of contributing to various domains. Additionally, she has donned hats as a Consultant for Personnel & Organization, an Internal Business Manager, an Operations Manager, and an HR Consultant. The sectors that have benefited from her expertise include government, energy, healthcare, education, tax authority, and commercial and technical organizations.

In 2015, Claudia achieved certification as a MapsTell guide, and for nearly a decade as a Navigator, she has been training fellow MapsTell Guides. Her passion lies in people, the common thread woven throughout her journey. With indefatigable energy, a sense of humor, and unwavering drive, she empowers individuals to embrace their best selves. Her agency, Argus Management, established in 2006, has positively impacted hundreds of lives over the years.

Beyond her Dutch borders, Claudia has had the pleasure of exploring South Africa since 2008, and she is an ardent fan of its people and culture.


As one of MapsTell’s most experienced Navigators, she is thrilled to be part of the inaugural MapsTell Guide training events in South Africa.

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