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Coaching Services

At Change is Growing, we support organisations in guiding both individuals and teams through the intricacies of transformation.

Our suite of services includes:

Change is Growing Coaching

One on One Coaching

Do you need help coping with a world of increased change and uncertainty? Do you want to know how to pivot in your career to find increased success and fulfillment? Or perhaps you're looking to make a big change in life. We'll work together on improving your adaptability, resilience, and openness to change. We'll help you see change for what it is, a chance to improve yourself and your work.  

Are there members of your team who need a little support to lift them to the next level in their careers.

Whether you are looking for a coach to guide you through the change or supporting an employee through an organisational transformation, we can help.

Group Workshops

Catering to diverse and matrix managed teams, our change management service helps organizations embrace new changes smoothly. We bridge cultural differences and ensure everyone's on the same page, making change an opportunity rather than a challenge. Move forward together, with understanding and unity.

MapsTell, inspired by the renowned DISC framework, offers an immersive visual map filled with symbolic landmarks. It empowers individuals to chart their career paths and supercharges team dynamics. Dive into this innovative approach for impactful growth and collaboration.

MapsTell Group Workshops
Organizational Change

"After working with Change is Growing, I've not only embraced the constant shifts in my industry but turned them into opportunities to grow my business. Their approach is both compassionate and results-driven. I've never felt more prepared to face the future."

John, Freelancer

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