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Change is Growing Coaching

Embrace Change and Grow

At Change is Growing, we see the mounting momentum of change not as an obstacle, but as a path to the peak of personal and professional growth.


Every breathtaking view begins with the choice to climb!

Coaching for Personal Growth


Personal Coaching

Our personal coaching services are designed to help you navigate through life's challenges and discover your true potential. Our experienced coaches will work with you to identify your goals and develop a plan to achieve them.

Team Coaching

Teams struggling with the constant changes they are facing. Or the complexity of human behaviour. Can come to us for inspiring sessions to develop both personal skills as well as interpersonal skills. This strengthens their bond within the team, making teamsmore efficient and fun to work in.

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MapsTell Guide Certification

As the Mapstell Ambassador in South Africa, Change is Growing is bringing  Mapstell all the way from Amsterdam in the Netherlands to South Africa. Through the MapsTell associative cartography a new world of understanding opens, enabling us to  gain further insights into behaviour.  The first accredited coaches are ready to offer you a unique teambuilding event. Or personal coaching.


Of organsations are expecting significant changes in the next 3 years


Of organisational changes fail, only 35% are considered  really successful


Of employees feel capable of responding to changing business needs


Of employees report 'change fatigue' from the disruption of constant change

Change Coaching Matters


Our Passion for


At Change is Growing, we are passionate about helping people embrace change and unlock their full potential. We believe that change is an opportunity for personal growth and we are dedicated to helping our clients navigate through life's challenges with confidence and resilience. Our team of experienced coaches are committed to helping you achieve your goals and live the life you've always dreamed of.

Change is Growing

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"After working with Change is Growing, I've not only embraced the constant shifts in my industry but turned them into opportunities to grow my business. Their approach is both compassionate and results-driven. I've never felt more prepared to face the future."


John, Freelancer


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Personal Coaching

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